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2023: Jump-starting My Passions.

Let me start with this: 2022 did not go as planned. At all. I did not go through with earning my EMT Cert, I moved to Vegas and did some summer work, and then moved right back to Montana. I took the smallest amount of images in 2022 since I first got a camera at 16.

It didn't pan out.

Fortunately, I'm finally starting to realize what my true passion is: concert photography. In January, the barrage of tour announcements start, and every photographer sends out an equal barrage of media/photo credential requests. I participated, and so far I have three shows booked to cover: Tanner Usrey, Morgan Wade and Spiritbox. Two in March and one in April. This is only the beginning.

My love for concert photography began way back in 2018, when I covered a 1 day festival on the Queen Mary, and I had an all-access media pass. I took 1500 photos that day, and ever since fell deeper in love with the medium. The action, the lights, the music - even the sometimes questionable venue security that kicks you out of the photo pit early when you had full set access from the band. I love it all.

That being said, my ultimate goal for 2023 is to land my first tour. I want the relationship with said artist to be organic and I really want to provide my absolute best in my images. I may have some connections to get started, but I have to prove myself to stay and do what I love, and I will. On top of that, I'm going to make it a goal to upload one blog post a week, discussing all things photography.

This is where I belong.

(From the Yung Gravy show in Missoula, MT, circa November 2021)

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