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DreamVisual Studios: Re-Launching the Blog, and a life update.

Hello, everyone. Allow me to properly introduce myself: My name is Conor Lacefield. I am a 21 year-old photographer, specializing in music and event photography, with skills in video production as well. I am certified in Adobe Photoshop, I will soon be a nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician, I have an extensive amount of experience in all things photography, and have been shooting since 2016. I'm known online as 7DreamVisuals, but here I want to be a lot more than just a camera. So, a little life update. I currently live in Montana, but I will be moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in about a month or so, to work as a full-time EMT. No, photography is not taking a spot on the back-burner. I will be focusing as much time as I can capturing images, and knowing Las Vegas, you'll probably find me at a lot of events. Whether it be on shift as an EMT, making sure people are safe - and helping them when they're not - or in the photo pit. Life has changed for everyone since my last post in 2019. COVID happened, and it's just now letting up. Among other things, I had to take a step back from photography for a little while, working to try and stay afloat. With concerts not existing, it was hard to pursue what I really wanted to do. So, I joined an EMT course back in January. and just finished! Soon, I will be completing my NREMT test and will be a full nationally registered EMT! Don't fret, photography will be in full swing once I move.

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