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INTENSE ENERGY! Spiritbox: The Eternal Blue Tour, at the Neptune in Seattle: A Photographer's Review

Spiritbox is a metalcore band based out of Vancouver Island, and WOW can they perform! On the Eternal Blue tour, they're joined by Intervals - an instrumental metal/rock band, and After The Burial, another metalcore band. This night in particular was special because it was the second show of the tour, and it was my second concert of the year. In this blog, I will be reviewing the performances and lighting for each band, as well as my overall impression of the night.

Act 1: Intervals

Intervals was a great opening act. From start to finish, it felt like their setlist was masterfully planned out, and sounded like one continuous, epic soundtrack. I loved the energy between all the bandmates, playing off of each other and posing in very photogenic ways. The lighting was bright, but full of purple and magenta colors. As a photographer, this is some of the most difficult colors to edit around. If you know how to get around it, however there is no issue! Overall, it was a great set and the lighting was very bright, which is always nice when you don't need to crank your ISO. I would give this first set a 8.5/10, take a look at some of the images for Intervals below!

Act 2: After The Burial

After The Burial's set can be described with one simple word: INTENSE. A lot of their songs involve a lot of screaming vocals, dark and chaotic breakdowns, and LOTS of crowd-surfing. Security had a difficult time keeping up with escorting all of the crowd surfers out of the photo pit, so me and a few other photographers aided where we could without hinderance. The performance was crazy good, and the lighting was very flashy and backlit for the majority of the set. The colors were very warm and easy to work with. I cannot imaging the intensity of the moshing inside the general admission section. Overall, I would rate this set a 8.5/10 as well, check out some of the images below!

Main Act: Spiritbox

The set that Spiritbox is performing on this tour is honestly amazing! The vocalist, Courtney LaPlante can really deliver her signature hauntingly beautiful vocals and loud, but clear screams in a very impressive manner, all while moving around stage and bringing an incredible energy. Her and the guitarist, Mike are actually married and their chemistry while performing is awesome! The bassist Josh and drummer Zev are also incredibly talented and just added so much depth and energy to this performance. The lighting here was the best of the night, with super bright and colorful lights, designs and patterns. When it was dark, I could still grab good images of each of the members and the editing on this set was the easiest and my favorite of any artist I've covered. For the reasons above, this was a 10/10 set. Incredible performance, and astonishing lighting and energy. As a photographer, I wish every single show was at this level. Check out the images below!

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